Embered Light Under a Blood Red Moon

The world is a hard place
Always so out of control
Run by the darkened hearts
Who are absent of a soul
People who never had it
Or sold it without any thought
They were so easily bought
Didn’t even put up a fight
No conscience exists to nag them
They always sleep well at night
They have a hunger to feed
To make misery and pain
And there appetite is insatiable
And they are more than capable
Of feeding at the trough
Of stocking it to the overflow
Then starting all over again
I am a good man
With a good and decent soul
And there are days, so many days
When I feel so goddamn overwhelmed
And full of fear that the day might come
When I completely break down and apart
And lose the light and warmth in my heart
Shattered and scattered into shards and pieces
With no way to put them back together again
I search for a refuge, a sanctuary
To protect me, to console me
To comfort me and love me
And soothe my scars and open wounds
But I have found no such place
And it easily shows on my face
If you take the time and care to see
No all there is here is me, just me
Alone and trying not to be
Overtaken by the darkness
And become just like them
Those who prefer the darkness
To the light
They are cold and dead inside
And that’s exactly what
They want me to be.

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