G’s Lament in a Darkened Room



Steam rises from my coffee cup
Steam rises from my troubled soul
I am shattered and have been battered
By the storms of endless duplicity
The continued coldness of the world around me
Has penetrated through my periphery
And marks its path toward my core
Freedom is no more than an illusion
If you possess the mind and eye to see
I have the scars of a thousand battles
Well masked beneath the skin
No one knows they’re there but me
Few would ever begin to care
Superficiality is the dominant player
In a world of little delicacy
Depth is discouraged and unrewarded
Sympathy and decency is seen as weakness
Narcissism and blind self-absorption
Are seen as the way so many want to be
The easy way to go, smooth and simple
Vigilant narrow mindedness is their religion
I call to my art for a brief bit of relief
A humble balm for my soul
I cry to the air for an end to my despair
I scream to the sun for end to my lo my loneliness
My pleas all go unheard to others ears
They only echo in my own
I am carrying on as best I can
I am trying to be the best I can be
But for right now all I can do
Is close my eyes and try to sleep
And,continue to dream impossible dreams

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