A Holiday, Birthday Suit Wearing Surprise

I live in a studio apartment near downtown Columbus, Ohio. It is on the third floor and there is a fire escape a couple of feet to the left of one of the windows facing the back parking lot. When the sun is shining, I like to open the curtains and invite the warmth of the sun inside my modest little abode. It brightens the apartment and, more importantly, my mood. Most of the time I am here and I am alone. Listening to music on my I-pod is a daily part of my life. It soothes my psyche and balms my soul. And I will confess that much of the time I am listening to music, I am singing while the music is playing through earbuds for my ears only. Fully aware of my apartment environment, I sing at a low ling level all the while. Another habit of mine is to spend the day wearing my favorite suit. My birthday suit.

So, today Easter Sunday, I was alone in my apartment alone all day. The curtains were open, the sun had been invited, and I had finished my desire for singing for the day. I was sitting and relaxing on my newly purchased futon sofa, proudly donning my birthday suit, and checking my email on the mini pc resting in my lap. I happen to look up in a particular moment of time and saw someone leaning out over the farthest edge of the fire escape and staring right at me through my window. What did I do? I stared right back. That’s what I did. I didn’t move and I didn’t blink. I didn’t close the damn curtains either. This was my Easter Sunday. Yoga, qi gong, singing, TV, meditation, blogging, and a fire escape peeping Tom

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