Age In the Age We Live In


As we age
We are supposed
To slow down
To be a little less so
In so many ways
This is what we are told
This is what the culture says
These are the words spoken
By so many people
In so many walks of life
But I, George L. Hiegel
Openly and passionately reject
This idea of lessening with age
I am a man of fifty plus years
Am I like a bottle of wine?
Am I like a vintage Cabernet Sauvignon?
I am Cabernet Sauvignon and then some
I am more intelligent now
I am wiser and more at peace now
I am both stronger on the inside
And stronger on the outside now
My writing creations are better
My vision is clearer
My step is livelier
In all ways a person is human
I am better now than I
Have ever been before
I defy the given norms
I defy all of the negativity said of age
I am, George L. Hiegel
And I am a better man
Than I have ever been before

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