An Undying Love for the One So Far Away



I’ve tried so hard
Not to think of you
I’ve tried so many times
So many ways
I’ve tried so hard
Not to love you
I’ve tried so futilely
All these countless days
The time and distance
That have come between us
Have done nothing to lessen
The love I feel for you
So strong and pure
The way it should always be
Am I fool, maybe I am
Maybe I will always be
But I just can’t help it
You, my special one
You are in my blood
Coaring through my veins
At all times of the day
You are in my beating heart
Even if we remain forever apart
I’ve never felt this way about anyone
In my entire life before
And it just won’t go away
It is not in my control
It never was it seems
And it might never be
Not today, not tomorrow
Not for the rest of my days
I love you, my special one
And I will dream the dream
That one day you will be with me
And love me the same way in return

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