Breaking the Dreamer Chains that Cold Shackle the Mind


The dreamer chains
Which had spent a lifetime
Confining and controlling
The otherworld of nether
From which all reality springs
Has now been broken
Pulled and stressed apart
Due to the sudden realization
Of its actual possibility
Rendering me a free man
There is nothing I cannot imagine
There are no restraints of mind
Self-afflicted by the acceptance
Of the darkened lies
Well guised as enlightened truth
I roam unrestrained
I am bold and ever seeking
Going wherever I desire
My mind is ever expanding
My imagination knows
A thousand worlds
I hear not the shadows of doubt
Which are propagated by
The manufactures of false possibilities
Designed to cause self-limiting dreams
And chain the mind
On a short tethered leash
I will never be the same
And will neither be the world

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