You Are My Love, My Early Morning Java Joe


I love you baby
I love you like I love
My early morning coffee
Holding you and caressing you
Between my gentle loving hands
I take in your warmth
Through my fingertips
And into the pores of my skin
Refreshing my heart
Reinvigorating my soul
Your aroma swirls under my nose
Rising up my flaring nostrils
Causing a deeply staisfyling sigh
Of pure pleasure and joy
I taste you for the first time
This new morning day
Just as if it was the first time ever
I savor the feeling
On my parted lips
I drink you in more and more
Slowly taking in each
Precious moment with you here
My love for you is pure
And makes my life better
Than I could ever have
Dreamed it to be
I smile and say a goodbye
Until the next time that we meet
Then I go out into the world
To face the day
Knowing that you will be there
When I return home

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