The Love of the One Now Gone

I am walking through the trees

In a wild spring time woods

Your spirit is close to me’

I feel your breath against my cheek

And your unseen touch

On the back of my open hand

The ground is rain soaked and muddy

I slip and lose my sure footing

And fall face first into the ground

I am sight, a complete mess from scalp to heel

I hear you laughing in a way all your own

As I remebered you did so many times before

It begins to rain lightly again

As I turn around and start the journey home

Your hand caresses the back of my neck

As you whisper sweet toned words into my ear

Within a short time, the journey is nearly over

And I hear you start to cry

The rain is falling harder now

As lighting  cascades down the darkened sky

In an impressive display of pure natural electric power

We are just outside our home now

I fumble with the keys and drop them

As I feel your lips upon mine

For a fleeting breath, heaven had returned to me

All was as it was before, the fleeting breath passed

And you turned and started away

You’d walked maybe twenty feet or so

Then stopped and turned my way

“I love you,” she said, “you are my special one.”

“I miss you, ” I replied as I started to cry. “You are like no other

I have ever known. You made life worth living. You made me

happier than I had a right to be.”

She left me then, I heard nothing more from her

I picked my keys and got inside out of the rain

I took a hot shower and went right to bed

My eyes closed and my mind wished

With all of its power and ability that this night

Would be a long night of sleep without dreams.

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