Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gradens

I have recently become a member of the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Columbus, Ohio. It is a short, five minute drive from my apartment. I am going to highlight one of the many wonderous reasons it is well worth a visit here. If you ever come to Columbus for a short stay or even if you here and have never gone there, the Franklin Park Conservatory should high on your list of things to do.

Daily at 1pm & 3pm from March 10th to September 16th you can view a beautiful, soul enriching scene and feel a deeper, closer connection to  nature as a specialist releases a selection of individual butterflies into the conservatory biome. With different varieties of butterflies emerging from their chrysalises daily, every presentation is unique.

On Sunday morning, Metamorphosis Lab Discovery Tables are open for butterfly aficionados of all ages to interact with cocoons, chrysalises and moths with the guidance of a butterfly specialist. The butterfly metamorphosis can be experienced at home, too, with native Painted Lady caterpillars available in Botanica Gift Shop. Once they have emerged, Painted Lady butterflies can be released outdoors to continue their life cycle.




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