My Health, My Nerves, My Job, My Fractured State of Mind

I am not someone who normally reveals his personal life to the world, but I am doing so here right now. The last five months have been hard and have taken an emotional and psychological toil on me.

Somewhere in early November, I believe, I was living in Erie, Pa and working for a home health and hospice agency. I was a medical coder and had been with the agency for two and a half years. One day, out of the nowhere ethos, they called all of us into the conference room. The agency had 100 + employees.  We were told the agency had been and was being closed down. Some were offered jobs, others were not. I was not offered a job.

In Erie, a city of nearly 100,000, most of the health care office jobs have been outsourced down to Pittsburgh. There are two major hospitals and both had been taken by big time, out of town  companies who didn’t give a damn about what was good for Erie. This city was already decimated by most of the decent paying, full time jobs leaving city. And now this

Well, I had to go through all of the stress of looking for a new job. And I wasn’t looking forward to it. My chances in Erie weren’t good. So, I started looking in Columbus. My sister lived there and it would be easier to transition there. After an extended period, I finally found a job in Columbus.

Then I had to go through the emotional upheaval of moving. I had to give up my home and my entire life. In January I started my new job in Columbus. I had been hired through an agency and no had informed me that the job was contracted with a fixed end date. Nor did they were no benefits of any kind. I had no health insurance. I was earning $17 an hour but the agency was taking $4 of that wage and account for supposed health services. There is a card they give you, a card which few people will accept. They never gave me the option of saying no. They just did it.

The job itself has been extremely stressful and has affected my health. I am not going to go into all of the details of the cause of this stress. I might have the beginnings of an ulcer and my nerves are shot right to hell. The contract isn’t ending until the end of May, but I am of a mind to quit now. I know a lot of people will say it’s not a good idea to quit.  But as I said, my health is on the line. I have been there 90 days and I just can’t bear it anymore. I have to go.

If I stay and try to ride the time out to the end, my health issues are just going to get worse and I could end up in the hospital with no health insurance.  This is not an easy decision to make. And it is taking a chance. But it is, I believe, the right  decision. I don’t like quitting. In fact, I hate quitting. But I see no other option here

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