The Despairing Ethos of a Wounded Soul

Where do I go

For peace of mind

Where do I go

To get away

I’ve searched

Far and wide

And so far, for me

There’s no safe place

For me to hide

The torment, the degradation

The lack of all sensation

The outside world

With its flag unfurled

Is opposed to what

I want and strive to be

I can’t fight the fight alone

With no special one

To call my very own

How many blows

How many scars

Have I endured

Under the earthly stars

How many wounds

To my soul

How many hurt

Has taken its toil

It’s all too much

For a man to bear

My defenses are down

And the world is aware

I leave you now

And I am on my way

There’s nothing more

For me to say

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