Alone I Stand As the Man I Am

i have a beautiful mind

i am a beautiful soul

rvrn if no one in the world

tells me so

i know it and feel it

from deep within

from the fibers in my muscles

to the pores of my skin

i am a special man

i am one of a kind

this is no careless jest

the truth of it

is there to find

for anyone who cares  to see

for anyone who meets my eye

and sees the real me

but there are so few

who ever choose to do so

their vision is nattow

and centered on the self

true vision sits and collects dust

on an old unused shelf

so here i am alone

time and time again

this is the way it is

this is the way its been

i woke up in the 4 am darkness

and was inspired to write this

without the aid of light

and now i will say

even if no one is listening

there is much darkness

in the world out there

but i, George L. Hiegel

Am a man of light

And I remain so even if

no one ever ecognizes the fact

i wll remain so

until the very lasy embers

of my dying day

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