The Taking of a Life: The Sad Tale of One More Lost and Despairing Soul


He sits alone

In a darkened room

This is a life

Ending too soon

It will all be over

By tomorrow noon.

The pain he feels

Is much too strong

It has gone on

For much too long

In his heart

He knows it’s wrong.

No one to love

No one to care

An eternal coldness

In the air

It’s all too much

For him to bear.

It’s a plan

He’s often had

Carried out now

By a mind gone mad

It’s a story

All too sad.

There were tears

In each eye

As he engaged

In a final cry

There’s no note

No salutary goodbye.

At tomorrow morn

They found him there

In his bed

And laying bare

A blood caked wound

In his hair

The taking of a life.

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