A Naked Woman, A Big Bag of Money, a Bottle of Liquor, and Pack of Hungry Hyenas

A couple of decades ago, I was a fanatic about running to keep in shape. I even ran in some 10 k races(6.2 miles) It was never a possibility I  could ever win any of these races. This was about achievement only. But I gave it up eventually because I had too many leg issues. Sore shins, knees, and feet to be exact.

Now the only running I do is on a treadmill. There are only a couple of extraordinary things that could occur in an outdoor setting that could motivate me to run. If there is a pack of vicious, hungry hyenas is chasing me, yes I will run. If there is naked woman with a big bag of money in one hand and a bottle of liquor in the other running past me, then yes I will run. Other than that, there isn’t much that could motivate  me to run outdoors again.

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