Eyes of the Brown Outercased Infinite

Look into my eyes

And what do you see?

If look closely

With some time and care

You’ll notice an amazing thing

There are entire galaxies there

Not hiding, not hidden

No, right there

Out in plain sight

The happiness, the joys

The sorrows and despair

So much love, so much light

And the darkness of eternal night

Yes, in those cinnamon brown orbs

Of imaginative vision and wonder

Is infinity of time and space

Of all human conditions

Of all possible imaginings

Of the greatest realizations

Of potential wasted and failed

Of ugliness and beauty

Of the unspeakable horrors

It is all there to be witnessed

My eyes of all there ever was

My eyes of all there will ever be

This is what there is to see

If you care, if you dare

To take a look into them

To take a visonary trip

To the inner depth

Of what lies within

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