Jack and Jill: A Modern Redubbing and Original Score




Jack and Jill
Went up the hill
Not to fetch
A pale of water.

Poor little Jill
Had not taken her pill
For repeated sex
Just over a month ago.

Now piss mad Jack
Is on the attack
Wanting to know
Who is the father.

But Jill is being coy
There is another boy
She had been seeing
At the very same time.

So, Jill is on the run
Jack, you see, has got a gun
And it is his intention
To damn well use it.

Jack was so riled
His honor had been defiled
He was Jill’s only man
Or so he’d been led to believe.

A few strides more
Jill made it to her front door
She closed and locked it down
The second she stepped inside.

Once she was home
She grabbed her phone
And called the cops
To come on a 911.

The cops did arrive
And poor Jill’s still alive
To have her child
Without fear for her life.

And Jack the sullied man
Still’s sitting in the can
Doing a year and then some
On a variety of charges.

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