Demise in the Guise of a Childish Dream


They’ve sold you the dream

At a price of minimal cost

What does it really matter

About the soul that you’ve lost.

Oh, they’re master sellers to be sure

The best that’s ever been

They’ve got the smoothest little technique

That border jumps the truly obscene.

You see, what they sold you

Is the biggest lie ever told

On a worldwide scale of epic measure

What could possibly be more bold?

It was the perfect dream, wasn’t it?

No consequences, no downside of any kind

They told you to open your wallet

And shut off your questioning mind.

Which is what you did, wasn’t it?

You questioned nothing along the way

You smiled stupidly and nodded your head

You had nothing intelligent to say.

You bought all of the pretty toys

That they waved in front of you

Your lust for all things possessions

Just grows and grows and grows.

Deep down, you knew it wasn’t right

But you’re too weak to be brave

You couldn’t give it up for anything

Not even if it means an early grave.

This is what’s going to happen, you see

You can’t stop it with lies, denials, and delusions

This way of living without a high price

Has been the greatest of all human illusions.

So, grab up all of your worldly idols

And hold them with pride and distinction

They’ll all mean so much in the end

When the time comes of the great extinction.


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