In the Arms of Solitude, I Am Nurtured in Stilled Repose



I am lying night still

In the warm loving arms

Of sweet rejuvenating solitude

The air is sleeping without sound

All is calm within my soul

I am safe and without fear

Of all that exists in the outside world

Silence is my soul’s comforting grace

The sweet kiss of a lover’s lips

My body is in full posed repose

For now, in this moment, all is well

I am the light of eternal love

And no darkness shall infringe on me

Any blackened fruit on the vine

Carrying its poison through my veins

I will taste only the soul enriching taste

Of the sweetest, most purifying nectar

Ever known in the annals of human time

Then when the last drop has passed my lips

I will close my and go to sleep

And dream the most soul satisfying dream

I will have ever known.

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