The Illusory Life Game I Refuse to Play


Where to go

When all paths have been tried

Trapped in an open maze

There are no doors

There are windows.

Can’t escape

I no longer even try

It’s all become clear now

The mist has lifted

There’s no way out.

No way out

There never really was

I just realized now

Escape was just a lie

A false, masterful illusion.

A dirty game of make believe

Sold to the naïve and the gullible

To keep them in line

To keep them in check

And playing the game.

Let the idiotic hamsters

Run madly on their wheels

And pretend they are close

To getting somewhere, anywhere

That isn’t exactly where they are now.

Let the asinine sheep

Huddle stupidly together

And move in uniform obedience

As the smiling shepherd

Leads them merrily to their slaughter.

For me the game is over

I refuse to play anymore

I will not participate

In this grand, mass delusion

I have reached my end.Th



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