Looking for a Full Time Job is a Full Time Job and I Am Damn Tired of It


In early November, I was in Erie, Pennsylvania working as a medical coder for a home health and hospice agency. There were a little over hundred people employed there and I had been there since mid-June of 2015. Then the day came when they called all of us into a conference and told everyone we were being bought and closed. I was devastated. The pay was nothing spectacular, but the benefits certainly were great.

Many were offered jobs with the new owners. I was not. My chances in Erie were not good. Most health care office jobs had been outsourced due the hospitals there no longer being locally run. My sister lived in Columbus, Ohio, a city much bigger in size and population, so I began looking for a job there.  The uncertainty and frustration of looking for a job is an emotionally and physically draining experience..  This time was no different. Finally. after what seemed like a thousand job applications and a hundred interviews, I got a job in Columbus and moved there. Moving is also a very trying endeavor to undertake. I was leaving my home and my entire life behind

What I was not aware of when I started my new job in January is that it was a temporary contracted  position. So, I had lost my job in Erie, Pa and moved approximately two and fifty miles to take a temporary job with no health insurance, no vacation days, sick days, or bereavement days. When a death in the family occurred, I went back to Erie to attend the funeral and was not paid for that day.

So many jobs now are temporary contracted jobs through an agency. I do not know what the percentages are, but the practice is a very common one. Employers today want you to be skilled, experienced, and trained, yet most of them are willing to do it themselves. A couple of weeks, I began looking for a new job and got a couple of interviews. Because I had a job with no paid days off, I did not see how I could do a serious job search, attend interviews, and still keep my job. I was not bound by any obligation to stay so I stopped going to work and give my full time and attention to finding a new job.

Even here in a large city like Columbus, though, finding a permanent full time job is extremely hard. This is way of the economic employment world now. Job security? What is that anyway? Bouncing from job to job to job is extremely stressful and damn hard on the nerves. But this where I find myself yet again. How long will my next job last? And then the one after that? And after that?

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