The Hills of Montelona


The Hills of Montelona

There is a place in the northeastern plains called the Hills of Montelona. Seven hills in all, they lay vast and wide to the eye. To see them, to take them in all of their strange, otherworld wonder is an experience impossible to ever be forgotten.

Built in an age long ago by the race of people known as the Zyzerene, these hills are as feared today in this technologically modern world of ours as they were when they first appeared in the long ages of the past. The Zyzerene were said to be a muttish hybrid mixture of several different brands of extraterrestrial blood.

Over the seeming vastness of time and space, many things have been said about the Zyzerene race. Some say they were wiped out by a pure extraterrestrial race in a short, brutally exacted, genocidal war. Others stories have been spoken of the Zyzerene too. One is that they were not the victims of genocide at all. This story has the Zyzerene still in existence and as prosperous as they had ever been. Yes, this story says they are still alive and living under the seven hills.

This story, I believe, to be the true one. I have done extensive archeological, anthropological, and historical research on the subject of the Zyzerene and the Seven Hills of Montelona. This research has been a long, nearly tenyear process. And in that time, I have found enough evidence to lend credence to the story that the Zyzerene are not only still in existence, but living deep within the boweled recesses of these fear inducing hills.

I am completely certain of one thing. Strange things occur there. Night screams have been heard on so many occasions that their number is difficult to even estimate. Screams so coldly chilling in nature, they have been known to drive sane minds mad and cause stern hearts to fail. The screams, it is said, are the result of horrors darker than the wildest imagination could dream of.

People who have ventured too close to the hills disappeared and were never seen again. Other people have disappeared as well. People who weren’t anywhere near the hills at all. I have no physical, first-hand knowledge of any of these things, you understand. So, I cannot vouch for their absolute veracity.

I will tell you this though. I have been visited by them in a series of horrifying dreams. They spoke of their plans of extinction. To unleash a savagery to end all savagery. To bring an end to all mankind.

When I asked them the reason, one of them said coldly to me: “Your existence on this star has been nothing more than an experiment conducted by your creators. And now the end is at hand. The experiment is being terminated.”

Could these dreams be true? Could everything in them be so? Could the Zyzerene race actually be our creators? Are we nothing more than extraterrestrial lab rats, to studied and looked down upon by a superior, more intelligent race of beings? And could they still be alive, living in the strange Hills of Montelona, waiting for the time when they will come to ground and end all of human existence in a genocidal, one sided war. It is too intensely horror filled to even think about. I need to get drunk. To get so thoroughly drunk that I pass out and hope that I can somehow, one day, put these dreams, the Zyzerene, and the Hills of Montelona permanently out of my mind. Something deep within me believes this possibility is not only remote, but actually impossible. If this is true, then I will certainly, in a short period of time, will go so far out of mind I will be unable to extricate myself form the madness that is to befall me.

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