What Had Been Given, What Has Been Lost, What Can Never Be Regained

There is no learning of lessons

There is no maturing of human minds

There are no behavioral changes

Savagery is the tie that binds.

Blood is on the hands of everyone

Torture with a self-justified excuse

All wear the mask of civility

Before the hounds of hell are let loose.

Cold to the suffering of others

Indifferent to their cries and pleas

The lock that houses more wars

Comes with an extra set of keys.

Born with the ability to feel

Apathetic to its demise

On the road to self-destruction

Paved with centuries of lies.

The species which sings about heavens

While it carries out actions of hell

The darkness is home to madness

Under the guise of a white light spell.

We have come as far as we can go

Our borrowed time is running thin

An endless waste of endless potential

Of the greatness that might have been.

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