Too Far Out on a Money Limb, Hoping it Doesn’t Crack and Fall

I am, once again, out on a money limb. As of today, I don’t have enough money in my checking account to cover the rent for my apartment. Yesterday I filed for unemployment. I worked as a medical coder for two and a half years for a home health agency in Erie, Pa. In December of 2017, they were bought out and closed. I was not offered a job with the buyer. They outsource these types of jobs.

My prospects for finding a related job in Erie weren’t good. Two major companies had already come there and now controlled the most of the health care industry jobs. A large percentage of what remained was controlled by the company which had bought out the home health agency  I worked for. Most of the health care office support jobs such as coding, billing, and medical records were outsourced.

I started looking in Columbus, Ohio because it was a big city and my sister lived there. Moving is always a trying experience, but it is a little easier if you have someone you know living in the city you are moving to. I got a job through a staffing agency to work at the VA in Columbus as a medical records clerk. At the time I accepted this job, though, I was not aware the job was a temporary contracted job and came with no benefits. The staffing agency never relayed this information to me or anyone else.

The official last day of this contracted is the end of May. I am no longer employed there. In late March and early April, I had been applying for a new job and was receiving requests for interviews. How exactly is anyone supposed to pursue a new job and attend interviews and keep their old job when they have no sick days, no vacation days, or paid day off of any kind. During my time there, I had a death in the family and I had to go back to Erie for the funeral.  There no doubt in my mind I was going to go. And I did. But I had to do it and the expense of receiving no pay for that day.

It has been two weeks since I stopped working at the VA. I have signed up with every known staffing and employment agency out there. I have applied  for what seems like a thousand jobs in that time.  I have applied for jobs with these agencies and have been sent onboarding forms to fill out and sign from many of them.  Which I do. Then much of time, I never hear from them again. Or they send mass out recorded messages for jobs without knowing whether I am actually qualified for any of them. I don’t apply for jobs I am not qualified for.

So, as it stands as April 25th, there is not enough in my checking account to even cover the rent on my apartment which is due in another week.. As I said earlier, I filed for unemployment. I didn’t want to, but I did. I want to work and I have done everything possible to get a job. A job I can earn enough money to support myself. A job with health insurance and a few benefits. That isn’t asking too much. I am so frustrated I could scream sometimes. Not working isn’t good for my depression either which I have been treated for since my mom died in 2011. I need to stay active and busy.

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