Swimming in the Depths of Life and Meaning

Standing on a jagged cliff

I am naked and facing the morning sun

The warmth touches and refreshes my skin

I am preparing to dive into the waters below

So many others are satisfied

With spending their entire physical existence

Swimming on the waters’ surface

Their minds hold no curiosity

Of what lies in the waters below

Superficiality is a way of life

Never to be wavered from

Never to be dismissed or disdained

It is the easiest road to travel on

Childish in its unthinking simplicity

Swimming their entire lives away

In the Sea of Unquestioning Conformity

It is the life they have chosen

But it is not the life for me

I have, once again, propelled myself

To the sunlight waters below

I am unsure where this path will lead

Yet I am unsure it is well worth to try

I crash through the waters’ surface

And continue down as far as

My mind and body will allow me to go

It is a place I am well acquainted with

I have spent much of my life here

In the deep waters I am alone

If no one ever chooses to join me here

It is there loss and not mine

For I am doing well here

And there’s no other place

That I would rather be

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