The Way of Who and What I Am

Through my lighted brown eyes

I can say all there is to say to you

If that’s what I have chosen to do

If you dare to meet them  on an even plain

You will know exactly what I’m thinking

What my emotional state is in this place and time

You will if I care for you or want you

To be the special one in my life

You will know my seething anger

If you have wronged me in some personal way

You will know my sadness and despair

If that is what is lying there in those cinnamon pools

And, in turn, I will see deep inside your soul

Beyond your words and your moods

To see the real you way down inside

This way of expression and knowing

Without a single word leaving my lips

It frightens people I know

And not without good reason

There are no lies in the expression of my eyes

And they fear the truth of what I see

When I peer deep inside their soul

And for this I pay a price of loneliness

Shadowing me for endless days and nights

Without the warm comfort of loving and being loved

It is the way of who and what I am



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