We Are Not Mushrooms, Are We?

Born in darkness

No light touches its soul

It will remain in darkness

For all eternity

Unless enough people

Take on the difficult endeavor

Of dragging it kicking and screaming

This is and will always be

The only way to lessen the darkness

In the world to which we born to

And usher in more warming light

People say they want a better world

But what do they do to lessen the darkness

That was born in all times past

And continues on in the future uncertain

Myopic masses with narrowed down minds

What they say and what they do

Seldom exist on the same living plane

The truth needs to be looked in the eye

Never more so than when it lays in darkness

And makes you tremble and squirm

At its sheer scale of horror

If the darkness is never lessened

It will eventually blanket our entire world

And suffocate it into total non-existence

Mushrooms have the ability to live and thrive

In a world of absolute darkness

But we are not mushrooms, are we?


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