The Absurdity of Humans and Their Dreams of Heaven


Since their beginnings long ago

Humans have longed for  a heavenly home

The centerpiece of secular and religious dreams

A bit of fanciful, physical life whimsy

Or a after life of ever joyous eternity

It angers me when I think of it

It angers me so goddamn much

This absurd ignorance of humans

Not to know, not to realize

At anytime along their path of history

That heaven never had to be imagined

Because it is real and it is right here

The swirling fresh water calming streams

The cresting and sloping of snow capped mountains

Clear blue open skies, open fields of emerald green

Crimson red sunsets waning on the waters’ edge

This planet of sheer panoramic beauty

Whose perfected atmospheric mixture

Is responsible for our existence

This place which has given us life

This was our heaven all along

And look what we have done to it

Look at what we’ve done in progresses name

We have sullied it, demeaned it, and degraded it

The air, the water, and the land

We have destroyed this heaven of earthly realm

This is the lasting legacy of our existence

We are destroyers

And we destroy all manners of life

Known to our planet home

We turned what once was heaven

Into a hell of human making

And maybe, just maybe

We, the destroyers, will destroy ourselves

Which, in the end, seems a fitting demise

For a species with no appreciation

For its unique and fragile existence

And the heaven it had right here on earth











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