A Snowball Rolling Down the Side of a Mountain.

We all have a say in the state of the world. Every single person on this Earth. There no exceptions. The state of the world now, as it has always been, is now no accident. To say that you have no say in the state of the world is a cop out. Every action has consequences. So does every inaction. To say you cause no direct harm is also a cop out. Inaction to harm is, in effect, condoning the harm and allowing the harm to continue unabated. By never questioning anything, never speaking up, never getting involved, you are not even trying to better the current world condition.

We humans are a part of the same species. All nations, races, ethnic groups, religions, and sexual preferences. We are either going to survive  together or die together. The idea that the group you belong to is superior to other groups,  is more human than other groups, has more rights than other groups, and therefore can suspend all rules of human decency is their treatment of other groups is a false and destructive belief system.

Most people on Earth are living small, inconsequential lives. But together as a group, if all of them were living their lives in ways that made the world a better place to be, then the world would be in a drastically better than it is now. It is like a snowball rolling down the side of a mountain. It might a small, insignificant thing when it started,  but it will be a colossal force by the time it is done.

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