Enjoying and Basking in the Glory of My Natural State of Being

I have never understood the human hangup about being naked. We have shame infused to our brains from all sorts of sources at an early age. It is a difficult thing to overcome. It has been a long process, but I have done so. Shame concerning nakedness shows a true childish lack of maturity in our species. Why should I be ashamed of my being naked? Why should I be ashamed of myself in my most natural form? I wasn’t born with clothes on was I? Was anyone? Religious people believe the human body was  created by a superior deity, yet they are ashamed of it. The logic of this kind of thinking escapes me.

I have nothing to be ashamed of. The human form, to me, is a beautiful thing. As a man well into fifties, I can honestly say I have never been more proud of my natural state as I am right now. I have never looked better and felt better about physical form.  Recently, I have gotten a part time job proofreading and editing text on my laptop at home. And do you what the best part of this job is? I don’t have to wear a damn thing while I work if I don’t want to. From time to time, I have mulled over the idea of nude art modeling, but I have never known exactly how to properly pursue it. I am, as the saying goes,, very comfortable in my own skin. And do you know what my ultimate fantasy goal is. To earn enough money from a job or jobs that would allow me to do so sans clothes.   That, to me,  would be a dream come true.

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