You Got Fame, I Got My Soul

Early on you expressed an obsessive desire

For fame, with no hidden shame

Of what you had to get it

Getting it was that mattered

The sick end justifying the perverted means

So, it seems these were deepest dreams

The darkness of their realization

Was never a concern to you

You never tired of mocking me

Of not doing what it takes

To get what you want

Your derisive sneers always

Made your views disturbingly clear

Tell me, tell me, tell me

Now that you have achieved

Worldwide riches and fame

And everyone in the world

Knows your name

Is it everything you dreamt it to be

The flashing lights, the overseas flights

The mansions and the cars

The constant attention like little children

Spoiled and pampered little shits

Never thought about the consequences

Never thought about the price

You had to pay, to pay for all of your life

Be careful what you wish for

As  the old saying goes, you know

So now you have your fame

But tell me how do like the black rain

And the pain of the emptiness

Of where your soul used to be

You had to check it at the door

It doesn’t belong to anymore

And here I am struggling day to day

Never quite sure if I have the money to pay

For all of month to month bills

No one cares about my opinion

Few knows or cares who I am

There are lights flashing in my face

And can’t to jet set  all over the place

My possessions are modest and few

But I do have one thing over you

I have my soul, yes it belongs to me

And might be poor little nobody

But I am free, free to be me

And free is something you’ll never be

All actions have consequences

And there is always a price to pay

As I’m sure you know now

So, excuse me now my famous one

I’ve got to go now, see you see you.

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