This Autumn Season and the Narrowing of My Allotted Time

Now in this autumn season

Of my ordinary life

I am still alone on this Earth

No special one to be my wife.

The leaves are changing colors

From green to orange to red

Each night I wake in the middle

With no soothing comfort in my bed.

Cathartic tears dampen my pillow

Lifelong fears rage against my soul

I will sleep no more this shadowed night

Of this, yes I know, I know.

The seasons pass you by so quickly

They come  and go as sneezes in time

Spring, summer, and now autumn fall

Too few moments of the desired sublime.

The approach of winter  lies in wait

In the nearing fear of just up ahead

It won’t be long now, just an eye blink away

It has escaped the locked room in my head.

Where is my special one to make my soul complete

Where is she, is she already passed and gone away

Or is she still out there somewhere

Waiting like me for a better day, a better day.

Is it all too late, I wonder as I wander

If this path of mine has a reason or a rhyme

I close my eyes and shiver at the mortal realization

Of my greatest fear, the narrowing of allotted time.

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