My Eyes Are Brown, My Heart is Blue

My eyes are brown

My heart is blue

Without you here

The love of my life.

Just thought of you

And the love

I could’ve given you

Torments my soul.

People speak of the difference

Of the gap in the age

Being too wide and deep

For two people to overcome.

But what do they say

About the rarest thing

This world has ever known

A pure, once in a lifetime, love.

Why do they speak so mockingly

Against even its possibility

Why are their hearts and minds closed

To the light of my love for you.

Yes, there would be difficulty

But nothing we could not overcome

Nothing we could not conquer

Together in an untainted, united love.

You have the power to make me happier

Than anyone else on this Earth

And I have the same power

To return this to you in kind.

And while you are not here

I just want you to know

Of my love and care for you

More so now than ever ever before.




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