Scathed as I Crawl Through the Muck and Maze

I crawl through

The muck and maze everyday

It is impossible to go unscathed

It is impossible for it

Not to affect you and your soul

I am not the man I used to be

I’m only a fractional part

Of my original, unified whole

Deceit is everywhere

It gets in my clothes

And in my hair

Lies are guised behind seductive smiles

Tempting you to accept them

As unquestioned truth

Corruption is sold as the way of things

For rising through the ranks

To the pinnacle of darkened desire

I hideaway, I stand alone

I swim against the rising tide

And I run the risk of drowning

In the waters of this cultural flood

Am I am grateful to survive another day

Yet, knowing all the while

That I will have to rise up out of my bed

Tomorrow and face it all over again

And again and again until my final day

But for now, I will close my eyes

And try to quiet my mind enough to sleep

While dreaming of an enchanted land

That invigorates my troubled soul

And gives me the strength to carry on.

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