Obsessed and Possessed by the Thought of My Love for You

I am obsessed

I am possessed

By the thought of one

I have fallen hard

So many times before

I couldn’t even guess

But none have ever been

Close to this

What makes me

What drives me

To not let go

I just don’t know

It is a fever

And it races my heart

I have no control

Of its presence in my soul

We were united by time and place

But then one day

You were gone

Without even a goodbye

A bygone age

Of a world no longer here

Separated by dimensions

Yet I still hunger for you

Is this love

A blessing or a curse

I am uncertain

I am confused

Will this love

This impractical love

Ever fade away

Into nothingness

I wish I understood

This unletting go

I wish I understood

The simply why of it all.

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