Desire Me The Way I Desire You

Desire me

Desire me

I am, I am

The man you’ve

Been dreaming of

You’re my angel

With a bit of devil

Way down low

Feel the fire

Burning inside of you

I am the man

Who put it there

I am the cause

Of that flame

A fire so unlike

Any you’ve known before

The heats emits

Through your skin

Way down inside

To your very soul

This is unbridled joy

And unchained ecstasy

Forget all others

You have and will have

Ever known

I am, I am

The only man

You need to know

So, if you come

To your senses

And desire me

Like I desire you

You just knock

On my waiting door

And I will

Let you in

And we will reach

The promise land

Together you and I

We will reach heights

Not seen before

A new consciousness

An ascension

To another world

This is what awaits you

It is within your reach

All you have to do

To make it become reality

Is to desire me

The way I desire you

And if that day comes

You, I, and the world

Will never be the same


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