The British Royal Welfare Family

There are a lot of people in the U.S. who spend a lot of their time droning on about the welfare state, government handouts, and having no incentive to work. There is no greater example of a welfare family gone wild than the British royal family.  I was at the gym the other day and playing a lot of the TV screens was the networks endless nauseating coverage of the royal family wedding. It is literally sickening enough to make me want to throw up.

First off, the idea of royalty and all that is attached to it, should have been tossed in the garbage in of history a lot time ago. The idea that all someone has to do to be declared special and important, to live a life of extravagant, luxury, and jet setting, is to be born. What? You’re special because you were born? Bullshit.

The Daily Telegraph newspaper in England estimates it costs around $368 a year to run the monarchy. Each year the royal family receives a grant from the British Treasury. The total varies from year to year, but is always in the tens of millions. In 2015, the total was estimated to be $48.9 million U.S. The queen herself has a private income which comes from land ownership. From 2015 to 2016, this income was an estimated to be $21.7 million U.S. The queens’ personal wealth is an estimated $414 million U.S. The Duchy of Cornwall which is conglomerate of properties owned by the royal family. Money earned through the duchy goes to prince Charles and his heirs. The total from 2015 to 2016 was an estimated $40.8 million U.S.

It has always amazed me what the public lashes out about and what it condones. They will go on and on and on about the welfare state and government handouts when it comes to individual people living in poverty. But they suddenly become deaf mutes when it comes to the wealthy and government handouts. They say nothing about rich individuals, corporations, or government entities receiving handouts. Name one major political candidate speaking out about waste and fraud going on everyday at the Pentagon. Meanwhile, all of the major TV networks continue with their obsessive non-stop coverage of the royal wedding instead of doing real investigative news on any one of a hundred important topics around the world. But this is no aberration. This is the function of network news. Trivial around the clock distraction.

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