The Curtain Has Come Down on Another Day of Unmasked Unfulfillment

The curtain has come down

On another day

Daylight has given way

To the darkness of night

The air is near still

But my restless mind

Is hardly so

This is my time

To wander the streets

Alone as I always do

i have no set destination

I just go wherever

I am lead to pursue

Music plays in my ears

And fulfills its role

Of keeping the outer darkness

From finding a way inside

And taking hostage

Of my mind and soul

The city where I roam

Is different now

It is much bigger

With many more people

And much more to do

But I have never been

More alone in my life

Than I am right now

It is the way with me

The more people there are

The more alone I feel

I am unconnected

I am unattached

To anyone or anything

Am I seeking something

As I walk the streets alone

If so, what am I trying to find

If not, am I walking

Just for the pure sake of it?

It is a starless, moonless night

So, my eyes never rise

To take them all in

It begins to rain

Lightly at first

Then heavier and heavier

As time continued on

I was drenched

Inside and out

From scalp to heel

But I didn’t care

I didn’t give a damn at all

My heart was heavy

My soul was as heavy in kind

I finally went home

After I became too tired

To carry on

Feeling no better

In any sense of my being

Than when I’d left

I shaved and showered

Bypassed food and drink

And went to bed hoping

I would fall asleep easily

And remain so while I

Dreamed of myself loving

And being loved

Of living a life

Of simple joys

Of living a life

Of content fulfillment

For the first time

In my entire life

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