The Calling Waves Whisper Your Name

The calling waves

Of this forested wind

Whispers your name

I can hear it clearly

Between the sound

Of the rustled leaves

Swaying on the branches

Of trees in full bloom

I cease to walk

And I close my eyes

As I stand still

I recall your face

The first time I realized

I was in love with you

I see your smile

I hear your voice

And all else abou you

Comes into perfect view

You were the one then

The special one

And you still are

Time and distance

Haven’t changed a thing

You are as you will always be

To me and the manI am

I am alone here

In this forest of calling rees

As is often my way

My path is the untried

My jourmey is the unsought

It is all my one and own

My love for you

Is as it has always been

Warm and genuine

And remain so even if

I never see you again

I dream of you often

Iin my imagination’s eye

And play out scenes

Of us as one

As we watch sunrises

As we watch sunsets

Sharing our sorrows and joys

Laughing and crying

And holding hands

Picturesque scenes in my mind

People will say I am a fool

And maybe I am

I just don’t care

My walk is now over

And I have returned home

My unique journey continues

My destination is unknown

But as I lay myself gown for sleep

There is but one certainty

And that is my love for you

You, my special one

The only one

I have loved this way

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