Two Cups of Coffee, One Less Here to Share Them

I woke up this morning

With my foggy mind

And my unfocused eyes

Running on auto pilot

I made a pot of coffee

And when it was done

I poured cups for two

One for you, one for me

But you weren’t here

You haven’t been here

For so damn long

Or does it just seem so

To my fractured, disjointed mind

Why do I keep doing this?

Who do I keep pouring

Two cups of coffee

When only one of us is here

Barely so on too many days

Since you’ve been gone

Why do I keep doing this to myself?

Is it in my head somewhere

That one morning you’re going to

Come back to me and be here

When I pour that extra cup

I don’t know, I just don’t know

I’ve never been this way before

No woman has had this kind of affect

On my mind, body, and soul

It frightens me a little sometimes

The feeling is so deep and profound

Today, this day, I will again struggle on

As for right now, I’m going to drink

Both your cup of coffee and mine

And remember the times

It just wasn’t necessary for me

To do so

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