The Search for a Higher Connection in the Spiritual Realm of Being

Is there a higher connection

In the spiritual realm of being

A higher consciousness

A higher mind

I am seeking it out

I am doing all I can

To acheive it

The physical realm

Is not enough

It is a limited realm

And too often darkly depleteing

Clouding my spirit

Stealing my energy

Leaving me down

And unmoving

I need a greater

Way of being

A way of light

A way of love

A warming fire

Furnaced in the depths

Of my cultivated soul

I am me

Grateful for all I have

The gift of life

Which I give thanks for

Each morning I awake

I am me

And I like who I am

The best version

Of myself is now

Still growing, still searching

Reaching out

For something better

Always trying

To be just a touch more

Than I already am

My path is my own

I have gone my own way

Through life’s jungle

Throught the maze and mire

I have no scythe to cut away

Any of the entanglements

Which impede my way

I only have my two hands

And my stubborn will

To carry on

There may be times

When I tire and slow

And even stop for

A certain period of time

But I will not quit

I will not turn back

From this path

I have chosen

I will go on

Until I find

What it is I seek

A higher state of being

Than what I have now

And the possibility

Of sharing it

With someone special

The other half

Of my incomplete soul


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