Do You Really Want a Better World or Are Just Mouthing the Words?

A lot of people say they want a better world as if they have no say in the matter at all.  I am give everone a real piece of hard honesty. The condition of the world in the year known as 2018 did not get this way by chance. The world is what we have made it. All of us. Every single damn one of us. tHere are no exceptions.

Every action and word has consequences. Either a postive or negative effect is produced. Stop hate mongering. Stop fear mongering.  Stop being  narcissistic and self-absorbed. Stop being so judgmental. Stop being violent. Be more compasionate. Be more generous aand considerate. Live outside of yourself. Be more forgiving. Most of the seven billion plus people on the planet are living anonymous, small lives. But if all of them woke up tomoorrow morning and dedicated themselves  to being. just a little bit  better of a human being than they were  day before, the world would automatically be a much better place than it was the day before.

It is a cop out to say there’s nothing you can do to make the world a better place. The state of the world at any given time is a collective condition. Each of us plays a part in that condition. Each of us has a say in that condition. Every word, every action we take has a consquence attached to it. Each day we are all adding either positivity or negativity to the world. Individually they can seem insignificant and unimportant. But when you add them up to the whole of current existence, they will become powerful. So, if you truly want a better world, then be a better person. Turn negativity into positivity. So, do you really want a better world. Or are you just mouthing the words?

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