We Were Given Heaven and We Turned It Into Hell

Earth was our heaven

And we were unappreciative

Right from the start

It gave everything to us

And we gave nothing in return

We are takers

We are destroyers

Mutual shared coexistence

Is beyond our base behaviors

Domination triumphs love

We are egotistical, immature brats

Who prefer irrational to reason

There is no learning lessons

There is only conquest by fist and fury

There has been no evolution

Of humanity’s inner core

It remains intact and unchanged

Since its birth ages ago

It kills over its differences

While ignoring its obvious similarites

One day, this species will meet its end

And it will have the darkest honor

Of having been the only species

With knowledge and forethought

By its own self-destructive hand

We were given heaven

And we turned it into hell

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