The Darkened Consequences of Venturing to Places Best Left Undisturbed

Strange places underground

Unseen to the world above

Existing in darkness

Breathing pockets of old dank air

Movements are heard but not seen

Chills run wildly

Up and down the spine

There is a great shuddering

Of body and soul

Upon your entrance here

And a growing fear

Of the dark unexplained

Time stands still

All through the passages

The otherworld maze

There is the unreasoned feeling

That there are eyes upon you

Watching in the darkness

With unknown intentions

There is a premonition of evil here

And its musk is strong

As your heart races

And your mind becomes

Occupied by soul disturbing thoughts

You breath a relieving sigh

At your departure from these places

Which can never be properly explained

Your time here stays with you

Lingering in your mind

Long after you have gone

Then there are the presence

Of dark themed dreams

Which haunt both your

Draeming and waking mind

You now know you should’ve never

Travelled here to these places

That some things are best left unknowing

You hope and pray with all you have

That the memories of these places

And the effect they had upon your soul

Will subside enough in the coming days

That you are not overwhelmed by madness

And your sanity becomes forever lost

Due to the unwise ventures

Into places better left undisturbed




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