G’s I Am Series Latest Edition

I am a man

Of nearly sixty years

I am not

In the mood to mellow

I am as rebellious

As I have ever been

I am impassioned

With a soul stoked fire

I am a man

Like no other

I am someone

Unseen in kind before

I am here

Living in the moment

I am unconcerned

With all yesterdays

I am unworried

Of what is yet to come

I am not

To be underestimated

I am one

Of no other kind

I am  truly

An endangered species

I am human

And well infused humane

I am a thinking man

Who questions all

I am creative

Free to express artistically

I am alone

Seeking once in a lifetime love

Yes, I am rebellious

Time and age will not change me

I am on

The road less travelled

I am grateful

For the gift of life

I am in possession

Of a warrior’s heart

I am also in possession

Of a poet’s soul

I am spiritual

Without being religious

I am now

Saying a warm goodbye

I am now

Returning to my empty bed

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