My Own Special Way of Being

I am solitary by nature

Large groups are not my way

They drain my precious energy

And cause me to refeul alone

I am of a fiercely independent spirit

As strong as has ever been seen

I am a wolf without a pack

Wandering through life

As freely as any creature can be

I seek a higher way of being

A consciousness above the norm

This life as it has been presented

Only allows one time through

And I want to make the most of it

Before it ends too soon

I go all in on everything I do

I know no other way to be

And if I were to mate

She would have to be

No woman of ordinary being

She would have to be

Special and  unique like me

And the mating between us

Would be for life

My soul has ben finely honed

Through struggle and loneliness

To be the fine rare gem

It is as I am here today

So now I will depart

And continue on this path

Of my own independent making



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