A Glitch in the Hardware, A Defect in the DNA

The human species holds dominion

Over all of the other species on Earth

And what has it done with this dominion?

It has marred and mutilated

It has raped, tortured, amd murdered

Scorching and destroying all

That lied between it

And its malevolent ends

Always justifying its actions

Without mercy, without compassion

The human species is the only species

To turn on itself

With a killing and torturing mind

With a more brutal and premeditated cruelty

Than any animal species ever

To roamany and all corners of the Earth

The human species were given

The greatest gifts any species

Has ever existed here

And instead reigning dominion

With a nurturing and caring hand

It has reigned instead

From its lowest and basest mind

Instead of conquering the darker aspects

Of its flawed mortal soul

It has welcomed these darker aspects

Pursued them and carried them out

With a perverted psychotic enthusiasm

The human species is a destroyer

Of all other species and itself

There is a glitch in its hardware

A defect in its DNA

Preferring darkness over light

Death over life

Hate over love

Merciless over mercy

Revenge over forgiveness

Many people have asked the question

Will the human species survive extinction?

While I ask another question

Do we deserve to survive extinction?

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