Try Me Baby, One Taste is All You’ll Need

Hey baby

How are you?

What is that?

You say can’t find

A good man

You say they are

Taken, gay, or gone

But I say to you

You are wrong

And now I ask you

Are your words

And actions aligned

Are you attracted to

What you say you want?

Or are the two

In polar opposition

To one another

And I will right here and now

To you, the woman I see

Before me standing here

Try me baby, try me

Forget all of the preconceptions

Society and culture

Has brainwashed  you with

Has poioned your mind with

Forget social status

Forget age

And try me

Just one small taste

And I know you’ll

Be back for more

And then more after that

Again and again and again

Until you say you and I one

And will never leave me

And I will never leave you

You will be happier

Than you have ever been before

More than you ever thought possible

All you have to do

To make this dream become reality

Is to try me

Just try me

If you do

You will have found

Your good man

The one is so

In love with you

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