I’ve Fallen for a Woman With a Ring on Her Finger and Whose Name is Not Her Own

My mind is on a woman

I’ve known for sometime now

My impassioned eye is on her too

She’s returned this eye in kind many times

She wears a ring on her finger

And her name is not her own

And you know what that means

But I just don’t give a damn

Not this time, no no no

Neither does she, god help us both

The consequences be damned

An early spring cold and rainy Friday night

Was the time we had arranged

For our first clandestine rendezvous

We met in a darkened corner

Of some out of the way sleazy bar

We talked and laughed for a little while

Then, without a spoken word we left

And went back to my place

I didn’t ask her what story she had given

To her significant other

And she never did say

There was no pretense between us

We both knew the why

Of why we were there

We went to bed and stayed there

Until late the following morning

I made coffee and breakfast

We ate in total silence

We both knew then and there

A bridge had been crossed

And burned to ashes behind us

Nothing in our lives

Would ever be the same

She finished the last of her coffee

Then kissed me once longingly

And left without a word

This was a new beginning

For the both of us

Where it would lead

We didn’t know at all

But we knew we had

Sparked something in each others’ soul

A spark neither of us

Had thought was possible

In our wordly, jaded minds

A couple of months have passed

And the spark has grown

Into a full blown fire now

I told her I’ve never been

So full of joy and happiness before

And she tell me that feels the same

We have rendezvoused several times

Since that cold and rainy early spring night

It is now the beginning of summer

The ring remains on her finger

And her name is still not her own

Yes, it is a complicated thing

But, as of yet, neither of us

Bear any regrets

The fruit is still fresh

Off of the vine

And for now

Nothing else matters




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