Just Another Day Hoping for Some Peace of Mind in the Hours of Sleep

It’s late in the evening

On a warm, early summer day

I am sitting here alone

As I always am

Balming my own wounds

The best I can

There are no words

To comfort me

To encourage me

To ease the deep hurt

I feel on the inside

There’s no one here

I have to face

My worst fears alone

And when I wake up

In the middle of the night

As I so often do

There’s no one next to me

No one keeping me warm

On the inside

No one to caress my face

With a loving hand

And all of the right words to say

To calm my agitated soul

This is a day like so many endless others

And will end in the same predictable way

With me in bed hoping

I can calm my mind enough

My body and soul enough

To go to sleep and staying

Until the sound of my moring alarm

Wakes me from my slumber

And allowing me a few hours peace

Of mind I otherwise will not find

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