Fruit of a Different Vine

I am not like

What falls

From the other trees

I am unseen

Anywhere else

In the world

I am an endangered

Species of one

You can fly

To all corners

Of the world

You can hike

All of the hidden trails

You can set sail

From any port

Leading to the open sea

And you will not

Find my kind

Anywhere else

But here now

In this time and place

The tree that bore

Me life has ceased

All life giving

I am its last offspring

There is to be no more

The tree and I

Have come to an


That when the time comes

It and I will cease

Our physical existence

At a moment

Perfectly synchronized

One with the other

Our breath will be

Together in unified time

I am, I am

Fruit of a different vine

And before I came to be

There was no other like me

And when I am gone

No other like me

Could and ever will be.


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